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Apr 12

Houzan Mahmoud wins Emma Humphry’s Memorial Prize Award

On the 6th of April in a ceremony hosted at the Garden Court Chambers, Houzan Mahmoud, co-founder of Culture Project, won the Emma Humphrey’s Memorial Award. The awarded is presented to an individual woman who has, through writing or campaigning, raised awareness of violence against women and children. Emma Humphrey’s was a writer, campaigner and …

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Jan 27

Sahira Ismail gives artistic meaning to women’s domestic craft

On the 27th of August 2016 an exhibition by artist Sahira Ismail entitled ‘a house made of Rags’ was launched. Hosted at the museum of Sulaymania, the exhibition contained fourteen unique abstract works of art typically collage in form and made of different materials such as fabric, synthetic fibre, nails and other types of metal. …

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Dec 30

An interview with Lanja Khawe one of the cofounders of Sofia Girls group.

Lanja Khawe is a lawyer,  23 years old, born in the City of Sulaymani, and is one of the cofounders of the girls-only group ‘Sofia’. In a special interview with Culture Project, Lanja Khawe speaks about her ideas, dreams, and obstacles that both she and the Sofia group have faced making reading books part of …

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Sep 04

Kurdish Women As a Disciplined Body

By Shara Tahir   The main purpose of this article is to figure out the common discourse that continuously claims the freedom of Kurdish women in different geographical areas in Kurdish society. An assumption being made and that has become a dominant doctrine in the mentality of Kurdish people is that, they think Kurdish women …

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