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Feb 08

Reflection of Silence

Arts Canteen presents: Reflection of Silence An evening that will transport the audience into a unique musical realm, where the mournful tones of the Kamanchah and the ethereal strings of the Harp are joined by the earthy rhythms of the Indian Tabla. Adib Rostami: Kamanchah Tara Jaff: Harp Sirishkumar Manji: Tabla Tickets: £12 & £15, …

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Dec 30

An interview with Lanja Khawe one of the cofounders of Sofia Girls group.

Lanja Khawe is a lawyer,  23 years old, born in the City of Sulaymani, and is one of the cofounders of the girls-only group ‘Sofia’. In a special interview with Culture Project, Lanja Khawe speaks about her ideas, dreams, and obstacles that both she and the Sofia group have faced making reading books part of …

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Sep 10

Why Culture Project?

By Houzan Mahmoud I NEEDED to do this. After many years as an activist, it felt like it was finally the right time to co-found this initiative, a project that has the potential to lift feminist and gender consciousness, to really challenge the male-dominated culture in Kurdistan and the Kurdish diaspora. It felt like just …

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Sep 04

The Outbreak

By Karwan Omar Dancing is a spiritual expression in white space. Corporal play in everlasting dreams. From the first moment of dancing and flying, we live a life whose mysteries we cannot sense or enjoy. A free body and an adventurous soul preserve us from laxity, regression, stagnancy, darkness, and fear and prevent us from …

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