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Jan 27

Sahira Ismail gives artistic meaning to women’s domestic craft

On the 27th of August 2016 an exhibition by artist Sahira Ismail entitled ‘a house made of Rags’ was launched. Hosted at the museum of Sulaymania, the exhibition contained fourteen unique abstract works of art typically collage in form and made of different materials such as fabric, synthetic fibre, nails and other types of metal. …

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Sep 04

How to make sense of feminist art in a culture where women’s voices are absent

By Kani Kamal WHEN I studied art at university in Sulaymania 16 years ago, the course was based on an old fashioned way of thinking. There was a gendered mentality so, for example, in most cases only men could study painting and sculpture, and only women could study ceramics. Decisions based on that kind of …

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