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Apr 02

The Portrait of an Imprisoned Artist: Defending Zehra Doğan & Artist Expression

It is an artist’s responsibility to expose and unveil hidden truths. The artist must comment on, criticise, raise questions and above all, take risks that challenge norms, deconstruct societal structures, and ignite debates. These are essential to the artistic agenda. When an artist’s work, however, depicts a conflict of interest in a regressive and stifling …

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Jan 27

Sahira Ismail gives artistic meaning to women’s domestic craft

On the 27th of August 2016 an exhibition by artist Sahira Ismail entitled ‘a house made of Rags’ was launched. Hosted at the museum of Sulaymania, the exhibition contained fourteen unique abstract works of art typically collage in form and made of different materials such as fabric, synthetic fibre, nails and other types of metal. …

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Dec 15

Call for abstracts for the Kurdish Migration Conference 2017

Globalisation, Diaspora and Transnational Belonging June 15-16, 2017, Middlesex University, London, UK Call for abstracts – Deadline: March 1st, 2017 [  click here   ] Conference Aims and Objectives Following the success of the first international Kurdish migration conference (KMC) held in 2016 at Middlesex University (London) and the strong interest and participation by the …

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Dec 09

Objectivity and Stereotypes

Zhiwar Jawhar The society in which we live has been shaped by fairy tales and historical, mythical, and religious stories. These fairy tales and stories reinforce stereotypes, and these stereotypes often substantiate and even engender inequality; gender inequality is just one such example. In these sort of stories, the common theme that one often finds …

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Dec 08

Culture Project’s female photography project in Duhok Cultural Café

In its efforts to break the normalisation of male dominated public spaces, Culture Project initiated another female photo project, this time in Duhok – a beautiful small town in Iraqi Kurdistan. In the afternoon of Tuesday 6th of December 2016, Diyar Ebdulezîz, a member of the editorial board of Kurdish online magazine, Culture Magazine (a …

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