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Apr 14

Profile of an Artist: Hiwa K

Iraqi-Kurdish artist Hiwa K was born in Kurdistan (Northern Iraq) in 1975. His early studies focussed on European literature and philosophy, learnt from available books translated into Arabic. Emigrating to Germany 20 years ago, Hiwa K quickly found that 14 years of his work, influenced by the study of European Modernism and Socialist Realism, carried an …

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Jan 23

Prominent Kurdish Artist Osman Ahmed’s profile

15th of January 2017 was not an ordinary day in the city of Sulaymania, Iraqi Kurdistan. This day was special because an extraordinary work of art was installed on a public wall. The work of art, installed on the main wall in Reaya hill, created by renowned Kurdish artist Dr Osman Ahmed, thematised both the …

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Oct 09

With My Wings

by Ismail Hamalaw 1 Telling stories from my childhood, or even from the moment of my birth, may seem to be a very classical way of beginning writing about myself. However, the story of my birth has several versions. In fact, storytellers have given different accounts of my birth. I myself was an infant and …

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Sep 10

Why Culture Project?

By Houzan Mahmoud I NEEDED to do this. After many years as an activist, it felt like it was finally the right time to co-found this initiative, a project that has the potential to lift feminist and gender consciousness, to really challenge the male-dominated culture in Kurdistan and the Kurdish diaspora. It felt like just …

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Sep 04

“I am Baran”

By Baran This is the first time I have ever written about myself. It feels harder than doing any other form of writing, but the companion who usually reassures me and shares the burden with me is my cloth doll. He has been my friend for over twenty-five years and is familiar with all the …

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Sep 03

Karwan Omar

Karwan Omar Karwan Omar, a Kurdish pedagogic dancer, and choreographer and the director of a dance company, was born in Sulaymaniah in Kurdistan. He moved to Switzerland 17 years ago and has been active as a theatrical actor and dancer for over 30 years. Karwan has participated in various events around the world, including in …

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Sep 01

Kani Kamal

HOW TO MAKE SENSE OF FEMINIST ART IN A CULTURE WHERE WOMEN’S VOICES ARE ABSENT. By Kani Kamal WHEN I studied art at university in Sulaymania 16 years ago, the course was based on an old fashioned way of thinking. There was a gendered mentality so, for example, in most cases only men could study …

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Aug 21

Bayan Salman

Profile: Bayan Salman, Bayan Salman was born in South Kurdistan but lives and works in Paris. She is also a journalist, academic feminist and author of several novels, poetry collections and translations. She has written in Kurdish, Arabic and French. Born in 1961, she is from one of the cultural families in Kirkuk city and graduated …

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Aug 21

Khabat Abas

Profile: Khabat Abas,  My journey into music started when my father wrote a story for me called My Cello’s Golden String. This story was of a girl’s dream about a golden cello that plays colorful sounds for her. Since then my life has mirrored this story. I studied music at the Institute of fine art in …

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