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Dec 30

An interview with Lanja Khawe one of the cofounders of Sofia Girls group.

Lanja Khawe is a lawyer,  23 years old, born in the City of Sulaymani, and is one of the cofounders of the girls-only group ‘Sofia’. In a special interview with Culture Project, Lanja Khawe speaks about her ideas, dreams, and obstacles that both she and the Sofia group have faced making reading books part of …

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Dec 02

Houzan Mahmoud in an interview for Conatus News

Benedict Nicholson from Conatus News, is joined by Houzan Mahmoud to discuss Kurdistan, Syria, and Shariah Houzan is a Kurdish women’s rights and anti-war activist born in Iraqi Kurdistan. Houzan has led an international campaign against Sharia law and oppression of women in Iraq. Her articles have been published in The Guardian and The Independent. …

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Nov 03

Kurds and Turks are at the edge of a cliff

Ayla Akat, women’s rights activist, has for many years sought a political solution to the Turkish-Kurdish conflict while defending the rights of the Kurdish minority in Turkey. She has been arrested. Interview. Ayla Akat, lawyer, former Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) MP for Batman, KJA Spokesperson and prominent Kurdish women’s rights activists based in Diyarbakir …

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