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Nov 14

Kurdish Diaspora Online: From Imagined Community to Managing Communities

Jowan Mahmod Ph.D. in Media and Communications Online activities among Kurdish diasporas demonstrate that new technology and transnational activities have strong implications for different articulations of identity and belongingness, which are challenging the imagined community. The argument offered in this book is that a triangulated set of processes—diaspora, transnationalism, and new technology—has created a momentum …

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Nov 05

Mosul And The Plight Of Women

Houzan Mahmoud For the past two years since the taking over of Mosul by ISIS terrorists, people in the region have been anticipating the recapture of Mosul from the Islamic State. To see this city and the entire region cleared from ISIS is what we all want. The grim reality and the aftermath of this …

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Nov 03

Kurds and Turks are at the edge of a cliff

Ayla Akat, women’s rights activist, has for many years sought a political solution to the Turkish-Kurdish conflict while defending the rights of the Kurdish minority in Turkey. She has been arrested. Interview. Ayla Akat, lawyer, former Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) MP for Batman, KJA Spokesperson and prominent Kurdish women’s rights activists based in Diyarbakir …

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Nov 02

The Hassar and the Dogs of my Father

Zhiwar Jawhar The Hassar and the Dogs of my Father is a well-known Kurdish novel by Sherzad Hassan, written in 1996 and translated into Persian and Swedish. Its overarching themes are dictatorship and patriarchy, particularly focusing on Kurdish society – themes that are, however, relevant everywhere, freedom is curtailed and women are subordinated to men. …

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Oct 19

Rusty Razorblades and State of the Art Cameras: in search of human rights ‘for Kurdish Girls?’

Dr. Sandra M. Phelps Center for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Sydney Rusty Razorblades and State of the Art Cameras: in search of human rights ‘for Kurdish Girls?’ Abstract On December 29th 2008 the Washington Post published an article entitled “For Kurdish Girls, a Painful Ancient Ritual”. Disseminated globally on the newspaper’s website, the article …

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Oct 16

Why has the Iranian women’s movement failed?

By Ava Homa Since the 1910-era Constitutional Revolution, women in Iran have struggled to achieve gender equality, to no avail. In the 1930s, women had 14 magazines discussing their rights, and by the 1970s had gained some freedom of education and occupation. But these small achievements were taken away when Ruhollah Khomeini usurped power in …

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Oct 12

Sharia Courts in UK and feminist mobilisation against them

Public Seminar for  Houzan Mahmoud one of the co-founders of Culture Project DATE AND TIME Sat 15 October 2016 19:00 – 21:30 Organised by Radfem Collective DESCRIPTION Sharia is the Islamic legal system, Originated from the Koran and the verdicts of Islamic scholars, called (fatwas). Concerns have been raised that these council’s decisions have adverse …

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Oct 05

The Gaze of Yezidi Victims vs. the Gaze of God

Saladdin Ahmed The enslavement of thousands of Yezidi girls and women in an Islamic war that has been legitimized with references to Mohammedian words and wars once again confronts Muslims with a serious moral question. Are they prepared to stand with the victims against a violent fascistic tradition that has been glorified for more than …

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Sep 10

Why Culture Project?

By Houzan Mahmoud I NEEDED to do this. After many years as an activist, it felt like it was finally the right time to co-found this initiative, a project that has the potential to lift feminist and gender consciousness, to really challenge the male-dominated culture in Kurdistan and the Kurdish diaspora. It felt like just …

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Sep 04

Kurdish Women As a Disciplined Body

By Shara Tahir   The main purpose of this article is to figure out the common discourse that continuously claims the freedom of Kurdish women in different geographical areas in Kurdish society. An assumption being made and that has become a dominant doctrine in the mentality of Kurdish people is that, they think Kurdish women …

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Sep 04

How to make sense of feminist art in a culture where women’s voices are absent

By Kani Kamal WHEN I studied art at university in Sulaymania 16 years ago, the course was based on an old fashioned way of thinking. There was a gendered mentality so, for example, in most cases only men could study painting and sculpture, and only women could study ceramics. Decisions based on that kind of …

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Sep 04

The story of Malala: The Girl who stood up for equal right to education

The story of Malala: The Girl who stood up for equal right to education  By Lazo Azad IT’S fair to say that the Pakistani girl shot by the Taliban, Malala Yousafzai, has become a global sensation. Shot three times after championing girls’ education, she was flown to the UK for life-saving treatment, became a heroine …

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